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Better Business Software Solutions

At TF, we thrive on finding the best solution for our clients. Sometimes that means a simple, efficient integration of a product like Office 365 to connect a few remote employees; Other times it requires a fully-custom SharePoint solution to bring a large & slow-moving corporation closer together. Regardless of your industry, size or departmental needs, we can help you plan & tailor a solution that solves your problem while remaining budget conscious.

business collaboration via software


We can leverage existing tools or create custom applications to connect your employees across multiple systems to engage people, build teams, share ideas and reinvent the way you work together.


  • Boost Employee Morale - Surfacing employee birthdays, anniversaries, new hires encourages a sense of community within an organization and helps boost employee morale
  • Increase Productivity - Increasing collaboration across a company, both internally among employees as well as between employees, partners, and customers, through the use of a collaboration tool such as SharePoint greatly increases employee productivity
  • Knowledge Transparency - A collaboration platform such as SharePoint allows employees to easily impart knowledge and expertise to the entire company and helps reduce knowledge silos
  • Fosters Innovation - Collaboration fosters innovation. When you have a well utilized collaboration platform that allows users to quickly share and utilize ideas and information you are fostering innovation.


We help to connect segmented departments, data systems, and softwares by integrating crucial data across the entire company into one central, easy-to-use access point.


  • Streamline Processes - visualize, review and simplify existing business processes. The processes should be understood and easy to communicate.
  • Facilitate communication - provide interoperability between disparate systems increasing ROI and encouraging re-use.
  • Rapid Adaptation - allows your business to remain agile and respond to changing business needs.
system integration via software
Corporate Insight & Reporting software

Executive Insight

We create insight systems that provide leadership with quick, real-time information in custom reports that focus on your specific needs.


  • Decrease Costs - By surfacing vital company information held captive within by an ERP, you could gain insight into areas where there could be a cost savings.
  • Increase Revenue - Surfacing information from a CRM system can help determine opportunities to increase your company revenue
  • Increase Efficiency - Reporting saves time and increases efficiency by eliminating many of the old school manual processes for report generation.

SharePoint & Office 365

While certain problems require full custom applications, we believe SharePoint and Office 365 can be more efficient platforms for many work flow solutions including integration, collaboration, cloud file service, remote access & more.


  • Increase productivity - The use of these tools allows for the technology to take a backseat, leaving simple but powerful functions to get business done.
  • Access Anywhere - We're no longer tied to big network rooms & file servers to connect remote employees. With Office 365 & SharePoint, we can easily join teams together regardless of their local.
  • Scalability - Robust solutions are no longer reserved for enterprises with mammoth IT budgets. Office 365 & SharePoint come at base cost affordable to small businesses but provide the infrastructure need to support big ones.
  • Ease of Use - Instead of having to learn a new system, your staff can continue to use the Microsoft products they have learned and are comfortable with but without the headache, extra costs, and overhead.
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