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Remote Desktop Support

"Empower your company's operation with remote, on-demand IT support service."

Just When You Need IT

Business is dependant on technology (too often consumed by it) and unfortunately, most SMB companies simply can not afford a full IT department in house.

Our dedicated team is centered in Tulsa, OK ready to address your desktop support issues.

How our support service works.

With a range of support technicians, programmers and system architects; ThriveFast maintains a robust base of IT experts that are available, on-demand, to help with a wide-range of support related issues. Whether you need help migrating from XP, setting up new email, troubleshooting a user issue, or developing a new internal method to keep your team connected and documents in order; We can help!


  • On-Demand Support - Immediate and accountable support staff are available, on-demand, to help provide you timely and experienced support.
  • Tiered Talent - Because of ThriveFast's robust makeup of staffing, we can easily scale from a simple email issue to a discussion about enteprise software integration.
  • Flexible Plans - Our support services are available in two simple plans:
    'Simply On-Demand' allows you to call when and as needed with no contract or minimum retained commitment. Just signup for free and call when you need!
    'Retained On-Demand' clients typically need a minimum # of hours dedicated to their IT support and with a simple month-to-month retainer committment, receive a preferred rate.

Next steps?

Support service by ThriveFast is simple, low-committment and easy to get started. Most plans are month-to-month with little to no upfront committment. Simply call or message us for availability and rates.